The Unexpected

So as some readers may know we (Kristin and Lynne) are up in Northern Indiana visiting the Indiana Dunes. Lynne (who shall hereafter in this post be called Mom) had never been to the Dunes before, so we came up here for our yearly camping trip. We travel well together and as we had nowhere specific to actually be, we have stopped at any and everything that looked interesting.
While wondering around trying to find Beverly Shores we found this excellent little art store. After wondering around the store for a bit, I could no longer call it little. This place has more supplies crowded on every shelf, we could spend hours in here. I am actually writing this while Mom is looking at every type of pencil or pen available, whether oil, water or crayon.

If you are up north looking for art supplies, this is a great place to stop. It is called Glenn L. Firme Art and Office Supplies. It is on Highway 12 in Beverly Shores, IN. Hey, we found the town we were looking for!


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