Daily Squiggle

Cat squiggle
Loryn's scribble to Lynne's squiggle.

I was going along gangbusters with my scribbles until Teri Partridge mentioned to me that I could be stuck in a rut. She suggested that I have others do a scribble for me and then I would turn their scribble into a squiggle. Art teachers…all teachers…can never leave you alone. Something about growth, I believe.

Here is the drawing that resulted from a scribble by Loryn. It’s funny but these are not as easy to do as my own. It’s hard to believe that a scribble is so distinctive to its owner, but I have found that the squiggle can even look like the person who drew the scribble. Go figure. Isn’t the human brain wonderful.


3 thoughts on “Daily Squiggle

  1. Can’t stop laughing. I get those gentle suggestions sooooooo much!! Sometimes it’s just a look. She doesn’t even have to say anything. And she’s always right!!
    I love the squiggle!

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