Adventures in Garage Sale-ing

Open hatch of the Forester showing all the goodies we found.
Had to rearrange to get it all to fit.

Loryn here. Something rare happened this Saturday—with Kristin in town for the weekend, all four of the Crafty Sisters went garage sale-ing together. We always have a blast when we do, even if we don’t find lots of stuff. We did pretty good on this Saturday!

The big basket on the right is mine, and you’ll see it here on the blog soon. I also got a set of solid brass bathroom accessories (towel rings and toilet paper holder) for my done-in-a-couple-years bathroom remodel. Most of the stuff I bought was useful, but I did pick up a couple beautiful antique linens that were a quarter each, and a very inexpensive print.

Bag full of corks

We found two really good estate sale/antique sales yesterday. The second one had this giant bag full of wine corks. This is right up Cheri’s alley, and it went something like this:

Loryn: “Hey Cheri! There’s a huge bag of corks over here!”

Cheri (from across the yard): “Oh no! Don’t let me near it! Stop me from buying them!”

Loryn: Turns back.

Cheri: Three seconds later is filling her arms with corks!

She has a really cool idea for them, which you may see on the blog later.

At the first sale, mom (Lynne) spotted the weird find of the day:

We think this is a 1970s running belt. It’s white vinyl, with turn signals and front and back lights, plus a switch. Can’t you picture this with short shorts and knee-high tube socks? Stylin’!

Kristin here: I love going to garage sales when I am in Logansport. The sales in Bloomington are no fun at all. The population there is so transient, that if you are looking to stock a new apartment, you will have excellent luck, but for anyone looking for those unique and fabulous “Just Gotta Have It” finds, you will find that you just used a lot of gas for nothing.

I don’t usually find the specific items I had in mind while out hunting, but there are always things that I need (or that I really wanted, but didn’t know it). My purchases were not many, but I really needed them. The stack of straw mats in the photo are mine, as is the pressure washer. Crammed in the corner where you cannot see them are some nifty little scissors, a cherry pitter, a handle cover for my Calphalon skillet, a pair of tongs, and a cheese slicer.

The straw mats are for our parties. We have a lot of parties and get-togethers and have a tendency to use paper plates, which are great for clean-up, but sometimes hard on the users if they have a lot of food on their plates, hence the straw mats. The pressure washer is a Briggs & Stratton to replace our old one that broke two years ago. It was a beautiful purchase and involved some good bargaining skills. The little items were just for fun for the most part, although I have been looking for a handle cover for the skillet for quite some time. All-in-all, a very successful trip for me.

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