Daily Squiggle

Tertiary Teddy
Teddy bears love to fly kites.

This teddy bear’s ears were the first things to pop out of the scribble for me. I added feet so he looked like he was skipping and the kite appeared from an extra mark on the paper.

I wanted to use a double split complementary color scheme as I had never tried one before.  The double split consists of two pairs of complements, one apart on the color wheel. I’ve used a yellow-green and red-violet complement pair combined  with a yellow-orange and blue-violet complement pair in this drawing. (I don’t see any blue-violet in the drawing. I must have substituted red-orange. I have begun to write the colors in pencil on my sketch. It helps me keep track of what colors I am actually supposed to be doing.)

Since the yellow of my markers does not show very well on top of other colors, I started with a yellow layer on all but the red-violet color. (Yellow under red-violet would give me a brownish color.) With yellow as the prominent color, I used its complement, blue, for the kite.

I wasn’t totally pleased with this teddy bear, but he seems to be happy enough.


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