Monthly Archives: June 2012

Four Lines

If unearned wealth can get you caught
then it’s best to live on wages
bought hard in hourly stages
sweat of the brow work your hands wrought.

Work wrought by brow’s sweat and your hands
can include pickaxe and shovel
and pen and words with heart trouble
and the needs of a child’s demands.

A child’s demands are bone deep needs
bound by genome reproduction
strung by DNA instruction
the evolution of next seeds.

The evolution of next seeds
drives the condition of humans
leads us through happy delusions
and drops us head down in the weeds.


Four Lines

Repeating an idiom is
the bane and curse of written lines
for non standard meanings need signs
about kicked buckets and slow fizz.

About kicked buckets and slow fizz
there’s a whole lot of fuss and strife
where lists prescribe the length of life
and wines demand you pass a quiz.

If you pass a quiz to drink wine
there’s no need to laugh and feel smug
numerous tests of nose and jug
show no tongue can tell meh from prime.

If no tongue can tell meh from prime
even before the drinking starts
the switch to cheap red after dark
would not be a provable crime.

An unprovable crime could not
end with bushels of unmarked cash
or jewels in your private stash
for unearned wealth can get you caught.